Why School uniforms?

Christians are encouraged in the Bible to observe the principles of modesty, to avoid drawing attention to themselves, and to glorify God in all their behavior. Gilbert Christian Schools seeks to maintain an appropriate educational environment, so modesty, neatness, and cleanliness are essential. With approved uniform vendors, we provide a variety of price and quality for all of our families.

Approved vendors

LTY Promotions

LTY Promotions is a Christian family-owned company that provides school uniforms. They also provide our theme shirts that can be worn on Fridays.

Lands’ End is a collection of school uniforms and outerwear fit for every child. Regular, slim, husky, and tall sizes available.

School Uniforms by Tommy Hilfiger guarantees the best in quality, comfort, style, and service. Use code GILBE1 to start shopping.

A quick look at our guidelines & standards


GCS polo shirts are to be worn are worn Monday through Friday; however, “Spirit” shirts may be worn on Fridays in place of a GCS polo. GCS “Spirit” shirts include themed shirts, GCS provided trip shirts, GCS sport shirts, etc.

We have bottoms listed on our uniform page for your convenience for a one-stop shop, however you may purchase bottoms anywhere.

Students may wear shorts or pants in any approved school solid color (black, navy, khaki, gray and blue denim). Skirts/Skorts/Dresses are only permitted in PK-5.

Leggings or other athletic wear are not permitted as bottoms. Leggings can only be worn under a dress, skirt or skort for students PK-5.

Check the handbook for your specific grades policy.

Hoodies, zip up sweatshirts, and crew sweatshirts with the GCS logo can be worn inside or outside of class and must fit well. Student must have GCS polo on underneath outwear.

Non GCS outerwear are not permitted at any time, however, heavy jackets may be worn outside on cold winter days.

P.E. Uniforms are not required. Please see your P.E. teacher for optional dress code. 

Join our GCS families only private Facebook group where parents buy/sell/trade used uniforms. Only current logo items can be sold on this page. Outdated logo items can be given away for free and may be worn as part of the official school uniform. Join the Facebook Group.

For complete dress code details:

GCS Knights Clothing

Clothing purchased from our sideline store can be worn on Fridays as spirit wear as long as they align with the school dress code!