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partnering with parents

At Gilbert Christian Schools (GCS), we deeply recognize that parents are the foremost spiritual leaders in their homes. God has entrusted you with the precious responsibility of stewarding and guiding your children to know and serve Him. In a world where many schools may present conflicting values, it can feel like an uphill battle for families striving to maintain their faith. This is where our partnership becomes vital.

We firmly believe in the unity of teachings across the home, the church, and the school. Our commitment is to work hand-in-hand with you, understanding that the task can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why our curriculum is meticulously crafted with biblical integration at its core, and we are proud to have a team of qualified educators who not only excel in their academic fields but also carry strong personal testimonies of faith.

Enroll your child at Gilbert Christian Schools, and experience the powerful synergy of a community that values and supports your role as a parent, ensuring your child’s growth in both faith and knowledge.

Our Campuses

At GCS, our multi-campus model reflects our vision to provide Christian education to as many families as possible.
We have four different campuses: a high school and three PK-8s, all across the east valley.


Agritopia Campus

High school

high school

Discover Gilbert Christian Schools

1. Schedule a Tour

The best way to find out about the philosophy, curriculum and programs of GCS is to take a private tour. You’ll have an opportunity to meet faculty, explore classrooms and have your questions answered by our Future Families Liaison.

2. Start Your Free Application

Applications can be submitted without cost or obligation. Our online application portal includes a tool for tracking your admissions status after your application has been submitted. 

3. Review Financial Aid Options

Invest in your child’s future with an education at Gilbert Christian School. Arizona offers multiple programs that make private Christian education affordable for families.

4. Submit Your Application

All applications go through a 3-stage review process. Complete applications that have passed the review stage will be placed on a waitlist. Final approval is contingent upon an in-person interview.

We believe in our mission.

Partnering with parents to prepare the next generation to impact the world for Christ.

We believe in our approach to learning.

Biblical integration

We help students think biblically and critically about every subject. Biblical integration is not simply including a bible verse at the bottom of a worksheet. It’s about teaching our students how each subject reveals the nature and character of God. Our hope is that our students acquire wisdom, knowledge, and a Biblical worldview as they develop a lifestyle of character, leadership, service, stewardship, and worship. 



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Accreditation and MembershipS

Gilbert Christian Schools is honored to be recognized for demonstrating high levels of student performance and parent satisfaction with the education their students are receiving.