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The mission of the Gilbert Christian School Fine Arts Department is to develop a God-glorifying appreciation for and expression of the musical and visual arts by nurturing and training skillful excellence in each of these disciplines.

About our Programs

The fine arts program is an integral part of the school’s educational process. We believe that the arts provide an opportunity to develop a student’s God-given artistic abilities. They also help students learn important skills such as teamwork, dedication, and perseverance. The focal point of the GCS fine arts department is Christ-centered promotion of the arts contributing to the overall development of our students.



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Fine Arts Support Team (FAST)

FAST Mission Statement The GCS Fine Arts Support Team is designed to elevate the quality of your child’s music-making experience at GCS by connecting willing volunteers with program needs. The main goals are to: Provide families with an opportunity to shape and grow the fine arts department in a direction that aligns with their goals for their child. Free up program instructors to focus on improving classroom processes and student growth. Create a vehicle through which passionate members of the GCS community can use their gifts to bless others and glorify God. FAST Membership Statement Participation in FAST is open to anyone, regardless of age, residence, or musical ability. Whatever your interest, there is a corresponding need. You will join a team of invested parents who share the conviction that quality music education instills valuable, transferable, life-skills in young learners. The support of parents, grandparents, and other community members is essential to building an outstanding music program here at GCS. We hope you will consider how you can get involved!

FAST Volunteer Hours The middle school choral department offers a number of volunteer hours and internship opportunities for students and community members. If you, or someone you know, would like to find out more, please contact Miss Roman at 480-359-9605 or Ann Schude at 480-201-3581. We would be happy to work with you to help you meet your academic and personal goals. FAST Parent Officers President Lindsay Johnson – 602-694-4929 Vice President Ann Schude – 480-201-3581 Uniform Chair Shelley Earl – 480-236-6351 Fundraising Chair Carol Husbands – 480-235-4525 Fall Concert Chair Mary Anne Sage – 602-793-0776 Christmas Concert Chair TBD Talent Show Chair Lisa Schroeder – 480-326-2654 Songs of the Cinema Chair Ingrid Melin – 480-200-8005 Fast Volunteer Database Click Here

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