Agritopia driveline

See below for our driveline process for both pick-up and drop-off for the 2023-2024 school year.

How it works

Driveline is GCS’s safe and efficient pickup process. At the beginning of each school year, families are assigned a unique Driveline number.

A staff member will be posted at the entrance ready to enter the tag numbers on a mobile device. Once the tag number is entered in the system, it immediately populates on a computer screen displayed in the students classroom. By the time the child gets to the dismissal area, their ride will be in the loading zone.

There are four different tag colors: Maroon, Light Blue, Green, and Gold. These colors indicate your designated time slot. Please arrive during your time slot to avoid congesting the parking lot. Our parking lot cannot accommodate early or late arrivals.

Pick-up process

2:50 PM - 3:30 PM*

For our pick-up process, Arriving cars should proceed into the parking lot and use both lanes until they reach the merge zone at the curve in the parking lot. At the merge zone, cars should alternate and merge to the interior lane leaving the outside lane open for exiting vehicles. Please be aware that both lanes on the middle school side will be blocked and we will no longer be able to allow cars parked here to back out during Driveline times.

Once a Loading Zone space is available, drivers will pull up to the curb and put their car in park so that their students can safely enter the vehicle. Drivers should pull up to the furthest space available in the Loading Zone. Driveline staff members will assist students with buckling in seatbelts and stowing items such as instruments and backpacks. Parents cannot exit their vehicles during the Driveline process. When parents get out of their cars it is dangerous and significantly slows down the Driveline process. After students and their belongings are inside the vehicle, parents will exit the parking lot on Promenade Lane.

*See Driveline color group

Drop-off process

7:30 AM - 8:00 AM

For our morning drop-off process, parents will drop students off at the designated area located at the front of the school. The gates do not open until 7:30 am for students’ arrival. Please do not drop students off significantly before 7:30 am because there will be no supervision during this time.

When you arrive at the school, please pull all the way forward to the designated drop-off area. Staff will help students exit vehicles safely. Parents cannot get out of their vehicles during the drop-off process. Also, do not drop your students off in the front of the middle school. Students can walk to their appropriate gate after being dropped off.


If you forget your Driveline tag, you will need to park your car and pick up your student from their classroom. Please pay attention to No Parking signs in Agritopia before choosing where to park your car.

Yes! If a family needs more tags such as for carpool you can request extras in the front office.

If a family member or friend is picking up your student and they have not been properly authorized by the front office, they will need to bring a form of identification and check in with the front office before picking up the student. For your child’s safety and protection, no verbal or handwritten signs will be accepted.

If you need to pick up your student at an earlier time than their designated time slot, you will need to park your car and pick up your student from their classroom.

Please pay attention to No Parking signs in Agritopia before choosing where to park your car.

If you are a carpool driver, please display all the tags in a visible location facing the windshield.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the front office. (480) 279-1366.