Orchestra at Gilbert Christian

Orchestra Class is an option for all students enrolled at Gilbert Christian in 4th – 12th grades. The classes are determined by grade level and meet twice per week for 4th-6th grades, and every day in MS and HS. As a performance oriented class, students will attend and play in multiple concerts each year. Students in orchestra have the option of playing the violin, viola, cello or bass.
As an elective course, the students will need to acquire their own instrument for the first week of classes. Students need to have an instrument in the proper size for their measurements. They should have a shoulder rest for the violin and viola, and rosin for all the instruments.

About the Program

Students are expected to have all their materials in class and to practice their instrument at home regularly.  Students’ grades will be reflective of their progress as shown by performance assessments, their participation in class, and their effort in homework.
The students who participate in orchestra classes gain strong spatial and tracking skills. They gain confidence in their individual voices and they learn to offer the best parts of themselves to build a team. Orchestra offers a venue for creativity and critical thinking, as well as providing a venue for hard work with a tangible, successful result.
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