Our GCS tradition of having a signature trip for each middle school grade continues this year. These trips are done for the purpose of enriching learning and building Christ-honoring friendships. Again for this school year, our trips will support our science program and provide God-exalting exploration of His world to fuel our students’ love of science!

Agritopia 7th Grade

Agritopia Campus
Location: Chapel Rock

November 9 – 11 – CANCELLED

Greenfield 6th Grade

Greenfield Campus Students

Location TBD

Agritopia 6th Grade

Agritopia Campus Students

Location TBD

August 31 – September 2

Greenfield 7th Grade

Greenfield Campus Students
Location TBD

September 9 – September 11

8th Grade

Agritopia & Greenfield Campuses
Campus by the Sea Marine Science Camp @ Catalina Island

September 22 – September 25