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Driveline Directions for Parents at Agritopia Campus
Student Pick-up Process

2017/2018 Driveline Instructions coming middle of July.

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Honor for Excellence in Volunteering

This is an honor for high school students who contribute significantly to the improvement of their school or the greater community through volunteering. All GCS high school students may choose to earn the Honor for Excellence in Volunteering. Students who earn this honor will receive:

  • A purple cord of recognition at graduation
  • Recognition at their Senior Awards Assembly

The Honor in Volunteering will be awarded to students for their completion of 150 hours of unpaid service throughout their four years of high school.  At least 30 hours needs to be earned in more than one category.  All students must fill out an Honor for Excellence in Volunteering Student Application in advance in order for their volunteer hours to count.

To participate, students must print and sign the application and turn it in to the registrar to begin the program.

Volunteer_Hours_Requirements Agreement Form

PE Uniforms can be purchased from GDP Enterprises

Students in Grades 9-12 who are enrolled in a PE class are recommended (but not required) to purchase an official GCS PE uniform; however, their clothing must meet the following requirements:  Every PE student must at all times wear (1) compression shorts that reach mid-thigh (no higher); (2) loose-fitting athletic shorts (to go over the compression shorts) that reach mid-thigh; (3) a plain, solid color crew neck T-shirt; and (4) socks and sturdy tennis shoes.  NOTE:  Shorts and T-shirts may not have graphics or writing, and T-shirts may not be V necks, sleeveless, mid-drifts, or altered in any way.  Please be modest!  Students are encouraged to lock up their possessions during class and will need to provide their own combination lock.

PE Uniforms can be purchased from GDP Enterprises

Tuition covers all classroom supplies, as well as instruments, for Grades 1-3 only.

Most supplies are included in tuition for Grades 4-12, except for the following items:

*Calculator (for Math 7 and higher):
   Required for Math 7 and Pre-Algebra:  Casio FX-300ES, Casio FX-115ES or TI-30XIIS
   Required for Algebra 1 and higher:  TI-83 or TI-84
   Also required for Geometry:  Compass (Staedtler Model WP01A6 recommended)
*PE combination lock (Grades 7-12)
*Bible (ESV version required for Grades 9-12) (NOTE:  Bibles are provided for all other grade levels.)
*Instrument Rental if taking Strings class (Grades 4-12) or Keyboarding (Grades 9-12)
*Zippered Binder recommended for Grades 6-8 (2-inch preferred)


Please contact our High School Counselor, Joe Calendo, for more information.

Please contact our High School Counselor, Joe Calendo.

Click a link below for a downloadable PDF.

If you have any questions please contact:
Frank DeSena Director of Student Services
480 699-1215