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“November 7th, I was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. As a result of that diagnosis, my lifestyle has had to change drastically, but the one thing that remains the same is my hope in Jesus and the comfort I’m able to find in his plan even when it’s hard to understand. The Lord has used this time to show me how much your life can impact another and to teach me to use every situation given to me to glorify Him. I pray that I do this well.
In this time, I have had to become fully dependent on the Lord, which was able to show me how my actions and choices deferred from this previously and how during this time and moving forward I pray to do nothing but continue to be dependent on Him. And I pray that in any other trials I face in life whether it’s distress, confusion, loneliness or something else I’m able to grow closer to God and continue to worship Him. The Lord has taught me so many lessons through this and I’m thankful for the Holy Spirit in me so I’m able to receive these lessons graciously and learn from them.

I’m thankful to God for what He has provided to me in the way of worldly love and support from my family and friends! It is a sweet reminder of His love for me and helps me stay positive knowing every trial I have faced, am facing and will face is a part of His plan. And even though it’s hard I know it’s a perfect plan.”

Melody Kronwald

GCS Class of 2019