Gilbert Christian Schools has had a vision for years to provide Christian education for children with unique learning styles. It is ultimately our desire–and we believe God’s desire–to reach out and serve all the children we can, including those who are gifted, or who have learning challenges. In an effort to meet these needs, participation in our GEAR (Gifted, Enrichment, Accommodations, and Remediation) Program is offered to qualifying students.

Gifted courses are offered on the Greenfield campus through a pull out model for qualifying students in grades 1-6. Many of our gifted students go on to take honors courses in math and reading in their middle school years, and AP courses once they are enrolled in high school. Our gifted program is best described as project based learning with Biblical, Community and STEAM units all year long. For more information, please contact our Greenfield campus.

*Qualifying students must score at or above the 97th percentile in one of the three areas assessed on the CogAT (Verbal, Non-verbal, Quantitative) Outside testing will be considered. 

Enrichment is provided for qualifying students, in the area of mathematics, for grades 4- on the Agritopia campus. This enrichment is through a pull out model with a math specialist. Many of these students compete annually in the Math Olympics and go on to take advanced placement math courses beginning in Middle School. For more information, please contact our Agritopia campus. 

*Qualifying students must score at or above the 94th percentile on standardized testing in the area of mathematics

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Accommodations can be made for students in their general classrooms in an effort to meet the many learning styles we have on campus. These accommodations are written into an Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP) and reviewed quarterly. Parents, teachers and administration work together to make data driven decisions about the content of these plans to be certain they are both current and effective for the child. 

*Candidates for academic accommodations have an existing 504 or IEP, or a teacher referral with data documenting significant academic struggles. 

Remedial reading courses are offered for qualifying students in grades K-5 at both the Agritopia and Greenfield campuses.. Additionally, starting in grade 4, remedial math courses are offered to qualifying students at both campuses. These reading and math services continue into our Middle and High School GEAR program if needed, with increased tuition. 

*Qualifying students must have an existing AAP, 504 or IEP

We are not able to service every child with special needs due to the limitations of our finances, expertise, size, facilities, etc. Your communication to us about your child’s needs and submission of records and testing information will help us better determine our ability to accommodate his/her challenges. In an effort to make the most informed decision regarding our ability to serve a student, testing may be required prior to admission into the GEAR program.  

As a private school, GCS does not receive government funding for special needs programs. Therefore, GCS is not legally bound to follow existing public school educational plans; however, the goals and recommendations contained in IEP’s and 504 Plans will be considered in the development of a GCS Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP).