Individual Student Aide

The job of an Individual Student Aide is to closely work with one student to support their educational and behavioral needs within the school day. This is a part-time position with the hours being dependent on the student’s individualized needs. The Individual Student Aide needs to be a Christ follower who has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and agree with Gilbert Christian Schools Statement of Faith.  
The Individual Student Aide will sit within close proximity to the student in the classroom, assisting with the work that the student is completing. The aid is expected to work quietly with the student, keeping the distractions to a minimum to protect the learning environment of the other students. The aid is not expected to do the work for the student, but rather to assist the student to meet their needs (i.e. read the text to the student, explain the instructions to the student in a different way, encourage the student to stay focused, take the student on walks or “resets” if needed, reteach concepts if needed to the student, assist the student with classwork, note taking, and homework). 
The Individual Student Aide will work closely with the Student Services Coordinator, teacher, and parents to come up with reasonable goals, accommodations, and modifications for the student in need of service. The aide is only responsible for the needs of the student they are hired to support. They are not responsible for classroom needs.   

This position is connected to the faith and ministry of the school and moves forward the vision of Gilbert Christian Schools.

Please send resume to and apply using the link below.